Bucky x child reader

Name's Ana. I'm trash. This is my trash bin house. Be my guest! I still have a masterlist though. Summary: Training with Bucky was part of your daily routine, until one day he unwittingly loses his mind and ends up hurting you really, really bad.

Bonus: Reader has super powers! Warnings: Starts with fluff, ends with suffering. Hardcore fighting, unconsciousness, blood. Might brake your heart? They were normal to you.

I Hate Plums — Kindred Spirits [1]: Bucky x Child!Reader

A part of you. You saw them walking down the street with their suitcases until they disappeared on the horizon, never to come back. And you never saw them again or heard about them. The Avengers took knowledge of you after the attack on New York City, back in All that because you had the ability to control any kind of metal.

And for the first time in years, you were not alone. When Steve found Bucky and brought him to live with you all, your world was complete. Bucky was the best thing that happened to you after you joined the team.

You two became best friends in a matter of days, being always together.

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It is true that when he first met you and learned about your power, he was somewhat afraid of you, but you made a promise to him that you would never control his metal arm. No matter what. Lately you had been training together: more like him training you than with you, given the fact you were not strong enough yet.

The two of you had been in the huge training room for half an hour now and you were already out of breath. You tried, but missed it and ended up on the floor. Bucky laughed and helped you get up. As you did. As I did before, except I only pushed you.

Oranges to orange juice — Yandere!Stucky x Reader

You put yourselves in attack position again and you nodded to let him know you were ready. Bucky basically flew onto you. Bucky giggled watching you slowly put yourself together.I re-read the request and inspiration hit me like a brick so, I sat down and did it. Originally posted by a-marvelous-bean. Steve leaned on the back of the bug beside Bucky. She was young, fourteen - no, fifteen, and already she fit right in with the team.

bucky x child reader

She and Sam were running hand to hand combat drills in an empty field somewhere in Austria. Steve could tell Sam was trying hard to disguise how hard her hits were and he chuckled.

She was making a difference but he could see the loneliness was taking its toll on her. She teleports, too. Bucky huffed a silent chuckle. Come on, back seat again. Sam and Steve had been discussing tactics and making phone calls to Clint and Wanda so, most of their time seemed to be well spent. His voice shocked her but she kept her composure. Bucky caught her picking at her nails out of the corner of his eye.

She was nervous. Did he make her nervous or was it from talking about her family. He remained quiet as she went on. Figured that was far enough. Six months or so but that was just basic conversation. The car had fallen silent. Sam and Steve were obviously listening in. I look young for my age. Then it dawned on her.

bucky x child reader

If anyone looked young for their age it was the super-soldiers in the car. She grinned but stifled her laughter. I needed a new start too and Romania is where I landed. Something in his tone, or maybe his eyes, told her he was being honest, which, according to Sam, was a rare thing. Bucky swallowed and remembered that day. She had been in all black with a scarf tied over her nose and mouth.

She had a pretty bad cut over her eye and the men she was fighting out numbered her, seven to one; even with her strength she was struggling.Originally posted by 3intheam. He usually tries to get you to sit in his lap earning annoyed looks from Steve. Requested by almostpsyche. Originally posted by jupiter2. Originally posted by mybuckymybuddy-deactivated Originally posted by dekebalya.

Originally posted by buckythefarmer. Originally posted by prison-mikes-bandana. Posts Ask me anything Archive. The most he will do is make remarks about anything he can find wrong with the person. His first instinct is to buy you gifts, because why would you need to go shopping so often when you already have everything you need?

Bucky Barnes x Reader -- I Met A Girl

However, there were just some times when he reached a point that he felt something needed to be done about your actions, whether they were intentional or not. He had caught you trying to escape again and that was unforgivable after his long lecture about the rules last time he caught you. Over the weekend he would be constantly thinking of how you deserved your punishment and how you should listen to him. Bucky is sure to give you a lecture about what you did wrong, making sure you knew exactly how you upset him.

He loves the look on your face when guilt and shame wash over you, it makes him think that maybe you actually take his words to heart.

Prompt List headcanons just a small prompt list of headcanon ideas or types of headcanons you would like, leave a request! Scott Lang Headcanon Originally posted by prison-mikes-bandana Scott was always nice to you and grateful for you even allowing him a place in your life. He would go on and on about how much he appreciated you and how much you meant to him.

Scott mainly did this to make you feel guilty if you ever had any possible thoughts about not liking him, that way you get rid of them.

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He would make sure you see that he goes out of his way to help you, not because he wants credit but because he wants you to feel like you owe him something. So when he asks you out, of course you say yes. Once you guys get serious is when he starts filling your pretty little head with doubt. No one could be so heartless, right? Once you two are living together he more than expects you to pull your weight, after all he is paying most of the bills.

The least you could do is his laundry. Not when you have Scott to take care of you. In fact, he finds it a little arousing. What about a dark! Steve Rogers Headcanon Steve starts things off as being the perfect gentleman that he was always raised to be, asking you how you are and what your plans were for the weekend.

He would develop a habit of watching you from afar, at first it was unintentional but it was just so addictive.

Street fighter v champion edition: ecco il trailer per il lancio odierno

Steve eventually decided to make social interactions with you more normal, going out of his way to talk to you or bring you things. You could expect a warm beverage from this man about once a week at least.I might make this a mini series of one shots and pieces that build onto this relationship but we shall see. While the Avengers are patient and understanding of the lovable though somewhat disorderly girl, Bucky Barnes is not so easily convinced.

Originally posted by coporolight. Keep reading.

bucky x child reader

He did, a video started playing you were in the lobby running around like you usually did suddenly a man approached you; he was wearing a suit with fancy shoes he crouched down and started talking to you. You screamed and tried kicking and punching away but your figure was so small compared to his there was no way you could get out of his grip, he covered your mouth with his hand someone came crashing into the window to lead him out.

I said roll up your sleeve. Get away from me! You roomed calmly around the room you trusted him for some reason the bad vibes you scents from him disappeared at some point probably when he was protecting you.

Oh I said Bucky? I missed you so much! Someone protected me! Originally posted by justin-ripley. Request: Avengers x reader request? Tony, being known for his impulsive choices adopts a 14 yr old girl. Nat loves her, Clint is afraid of her and Loki, Bucky and Sam are her partners in crime for evil pranks.

All is well until she pulls a prank on Bruce and he hulks out. Originally posted by diablito You knew you were being adopted, but you had no idea who it was till they came to pick you up. So when a limousine pulled up, you were surprised to say the least, especially when Tony Stark got out the car. Anonymous asked: Can you write a Avengers x Reader fic where Reader turns into a kid and the Avengers have to take care of the Reader because the small Reader pranks the other agents especially Fury?

It went pretty smoothly apart from the fact that the average age of the people on the quinjet back had been decreased dramatically.Thor One Shot.

Thor and I sit by the bathroom sink, waiting. I hear him picking the plastic up… I hear him suck in a breath.

bucky x child reader

Then I get the largest hug in my life from the largest man in my life. Tell me!

Probably Amature — Pregnancy Talk Thor X Reader (Ft. Team)

I snatch the test from his hands. We have been trying for 5 months. He picks me up in a hug, and spins around.

We walk onto her floor to surprise her. I see her sitting on the couch. She starts laughing. Thor carries me into the lab, Tony and Bruce are there. Tony, shut the fuck up! I have baby fever people! Oh fuck. No telling! Thor took me to the gym, wanting to waste time as we think of who is next. Why are you here doll? Bucky and Steve approach us. Buck and I were thinking about adopting a baby, like a little one.

Maybe they can be friends. We can learn to parent together! Thor swipes me off my feet again, and is headed for the elevator. She then runs to me, snatches me away from Thor, and gives me a big hug. Am I working with the other girls? Now, if they ask pretend we were talking pregnancy symptoms. We walk into the main kitchen, and Clint is there. He suddenly rushes me, giving me a large hug. He grabs me away from Clint, and carries me to the elevator.

I wave bye, and the elevator closing. I look at Thor, and we head to her location. As the elevator opens on her floor we almost run into her. Hey guys! She puts her coffee down on the table by the elevator. If you will excuse me, I need to get to the office a couple floors up!

Thor turns me towards him, and smashes his lips on mine. I pull away, and smile at him. Suddenly the tower goes silent.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Each chapter is Bucky x Reader, and each chapter is a separate one-shot. Please check the warnings listed before each chapter.

How much trouble can a centenarian get into? All 3 residents smirked in response.

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Not from the fact you may have released some demonic critters into the world, or the fact he somehow knew your name, but the knowledge he had been following you for most of your life. An Inhuman Avenger, Soulmate, and all around badass you falls through a breach to another Earth - one where Hydra runs the world, your family is fractured, and the Avengers are terrorists. Using his gentlemanly guise, he manipulates the reader into liking him and meeting with him.

Only to reveal his muscular form and darker intentions. After waking up in a cold room with no memory of how you got there, you find yourself face-to-face with three of the top members of Hydra. And you learn quickly that the Handler, the Asset and the Captain have no intention of ever letting you go.

This will contain all of my writing from Tumblr! My user is kleohoneyao3 and I am currently taking requests! There will be more info in each chapter summary so feel free to skip whatever you're not into. You sat in your creaky chair, fiddling with a strand of your black hair, a cigarette rested loosely between your ruby colored lips. Smoke blew from your nose as you silently flipped your butterfly knife with ease, movements well practiced, like it was an extension of your own body.

Boisterous masculine energy completely engulfing the space. All this bravado before you, but you were the most dangerous person in the room. Bucky plans to use you as linchpin to take down one of the biggest crime gangs in New York. Thing is, you're their head assassin. There's something to be said for a little friendly competition.

But this isn't one of those stories, because they aren't friends and they're being forced to work together.Originally posted by steverogersnotebook. Your eyes fluttered open as the sun beamed through your windows. You extended your arms and stretched them over your head, looking around noticing Bucky was already gone.

You really needed some coffee. You moved the blanket and your cold feet hit the floor.

Baby - Bucky x Reader

You walked up to the mirror on the opposite side of the room. You stared at yourself and your horrible bed head. You waked through the door, feet padding against the cold floor of the Towers hallway.

You made it down the impossibly long flights of stairs and entered the kitchen. A yawn erupted from you, making your presence known.

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You smiled at Bucky, you two had been dating for a few months, you where the only one he opened up to when he arrived, making you grow close, which eventually blossomed into a relationship. Beautiful story. Steve greeted you and you just let out a groan in response, too tired to say anything back. You walked over to the coffee pot by Sam, quickly reaching for a cup and pouring the coffee.

You let out a disgruntled noise. You stood by the coffee pot and quickly downed your coffee, the rest of the avengers staring at you. Steve gave you a look. You walked over to the fridge and grabbed the milk and cereal, your body begging to eat something. You made your cereal and walked over to the island near Steve and Bucky, setting your cereal down.

Just as you where about to sit down, Bucky pulled you into his lap, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. You stared at Steve and Sam with furrowed brows. They returned questioning look. Bucky was never usually like this. You ran your hands through his hair and cuddled him. He just nodded his head, his hair tickling your neck. You pulled away from Bucky and threw your head back in laughter at Sam, before continuing to eat your breakfast, making sure to keep your knee touching Bucky, as he kept a hand on it.

You returned to the compound a few hours later. After breakfast you had training to do with Natasha, which lasted a few hours, and when you returned you hopped in the shower, hoping to ease your sore muscles.

It did. After you showered, you figured, since you have some down time, that you could watch some Tv downstairs. After throwing on some comfy clothes, you headed to the living room in the compound.

The soft padding of your feet echoed through the hallways. You entered the living room, spotting the 3 musketeers sat on the couch. You playfully rolled your eyes. You skipped over to the couch, plopping down on it.

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