Bmw n55 charging pressure sensor

A problem we are seeing more and more on the 6 cylinder twin power turbo N55 motors is faults on the X5 Boost Pressure control. The fault code can stem from a few sources, especially if customers modify their vehicles for more power. Even on vehicles with a lot of aftermarket performance parts, this fault almost always means either there is a boost leak, or mechanical problem with the boost control solenoid. Having experienced this many times in the past we instantly knew where to look; the boost control solenoid, on the middle of the motor, under the intake pipe on the passenger side of the engine.

Tugging on the vacuum line made the issue clear, a split rubber hose was causing the control valve to not function correctly. Replacing the section of hose should take care of the boost control fault, and return the system back to normal operation. A word of caution on vehicles that may have neglected to take care of this issue right away: The stress to the electronic valve from the engine computer trying to control a non-responsive solenoid, greatly shortens its life.

We have repaired these hoses only to have them come back in a month later with the boost control solenoid valve dead. Do you have a reduced engine power message on the dash, or any boost performance problems or faults? Come in for a diagnosis before it costs you more! Make an appointment by calling us ator contact us through email at blog fluidmotorunion.

bmw n55 charging pressure sensor

I have the same problem going in, and 2ABE, exhaust sound very weird at lower power and right after higher rpm. I think my boost selenoid or pressure converters are not working. I am currently going to replace the pressure converter and see if it will solve the problem for me, i can reached at max.

I added a vacuum hose clip.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks Richard. The line goes to the wastegate on the turbo. Maxwell O Posted at h, 25 December I have the same problem going in, and 2ABE, exhaust sound very weird at lower power and right after higher rpm. Good Luck! Post A Comment Cancel Reply.For those in the market looking to purchase a BMW i, i, or i one important aspect to consider is reliability. In this post, we intend to highlight the most common problems with the N55 platform; please keep in mind — this is not an exhaustive list of every single potential problem.

All cars and engines will have problems at some point. Eventually, the rubber gasket begins to crack apart, resulting in oil leaks and potential build-up of oil in your engine. Due to the relatively high operating temperatures of the N55 the valve cover develops similar issues.

The valve cover is made of plastic and the high temperatures cause the valve cover to potentially develop cracks down the road. This is a less common issue than the valve cover gasket, and it will typically last closer tomiles though this may vary significantly. However, due to the excessive labor required to access the valve cover gasket, it is highly recommended you replace the valve cover as well. Whenever you remove the valve cover you should always replace the valve cover gasket.

Do you need an N20 map sensor on your N54 or N55 BMW?

A PCV valve uses the engine vacuum to pull any blow-by gases out of the crankcase, and is integrated into the valve cover.

Due to the fact you must remove the valve cover and gasket to access the PCV valve you may want to consider replacing your valve cover, and as always, the valve cover gasket should be replaced. As your valve cover, gasket, and PCV valve are all in the same area, if any one needs repair, it is never a bad idea to replace all three as preventative maintenance. The parts are relatively inexpensive compared to the labor required, and may prevent running into additional issues in the near future.

Whenever the valve cover is removed you should always replace the valve cover gasket, even if it appears to be in good condition. This subject is up for debate. However, the oil may be leaking onto belts or engine and transmission mounts. Over-time this may cause these parts to wear down prematurely and lead to additional expenses.

My i currently has k miles, and the valve cover gasket began leaking around 80k miles. Up until roughly 95, miles it was a relatively minor leak that was not dripping oil onto any engine parts, however, it has recently become worse. With that being said, replacing the valve cover, gasket, and PCV valve is next on my list of things to repair. DIY Difficulty: Intermediate. This is not a complex DIY, but it does require removing a lot of parts to access. Problems with water pumps do not only affect the N55, but are a widespread problem amongst most BWM engines.

BMW uses electric pumps that are driven by a composite impeller, which do not have a very long lifespan. It is important to note — the thermostat is also a common point of failure. Due to the excessive labor to replace a water pump it is recommended you replace the thermostat along with the pump. To reference our experiences with the N54 same water pump our i is on its third water pump; the original pump failed at 52k miles, and the second pump at 84k miles.

The longevity of these BMW water pumps may vary significantly, with failures commonly cited as early as k miles while others may last more thanmiles. On average, if your original pump and thermostat last untilmiles they are likely soon on their way out. BMW water pumps typically do not show any symptoms before failure, but rather, fail quite suddenly. If the pump is slowly failing electrically, this can simply be tested by examining the coolant flow in the cooling system; a failing pump will not flow coolant at the intended pressure.

The following signs may indicate your N55 water pump has failed. Due to the rapid engine over-heating caused by a water pump failure it is important the water pump is replaced immediately, otherwise the car should not be driven. Replacing the water pump is not overly challenging, however, it is a time-consuming repair and it is important to properly bleed the cooling system afterwards.Quick Links.

Table of Contents N55 Engine. Technical Data. Full Load Diagram. Current Models. Engine Designation and Engine Identification. Engine Designation. Breakdown of N55 Engine Designation. Engine Identification. Engine Components.

Engine Housing. Engine Block. Crankcase and Bedplate. Crankshaft Main Bearings. Pistons and Rings. Connecting Rod and Bearings. Oil Pan. Electrionic Volume-controlled Oil Pump. Oil Pump and Pressure Control. Oil Supply. Oil Filtration and Oil Cooling. Oil Spray Nozzles.

bmw n55 charging pressure sensor

Oil Pressure. Oil Level. Oil Return. Cylinder Head. Cylinder Head Cover. Crankcase Ventilation.User Name Remember Me?

N55 Codes List

Hi all, I had to change the crankshaft hub on my x5, this involved me having to remove the valve cover, and i had to re-time the engine. After completing the above i had a misfire in cylinder 6, but that is now taken care of.

But i still have 2 codes: 2C58, Charging pressure control, deactivation: Pressure build-up blocked 2D5A, Vanos intake: control fault, camshaft stuck I thought i fixed 2C58 by swapping the vaccum lines on the left side of the engine when standing in front of the car.

I tried swappign solenoids as well, but 2D5A did come back on. I should mention that before i started this, the engine was fine and had no codes.

Exhaust on intake and intake on exhaust, vanos solenoid has failed. Btw wrong section to ask for help. I used the timing tools to do this. Held the flywheel with pin, cam facers with the plate that has notches, and the cams with the fork. Ok, did you reuse the cam bolts? Why did you replace your crankshaft hub?

How many miles on your x5? I used new cam bolts. Hub was replaced because the crankshaft area took a hit in an accident. Had to replace damper as well. Did you spin motor over a couple times and lock it up to make sure it still was in time? Have you had the vanos bolt recall performed? Have swapped vanos solenoids and same fault return? I have not spun it and reinstalled the timing tools.

I have a feeling I'm gonna have to take valve cover off again so I will do that. I did not have the vanos bolt recall done. I briefly looked into it and I didn't see the x5 covered. I did swap the vanos solenoids and no luck there.

Boost Pressure Sensor

I guess the thing to keep in mind is that I had no faults until I did all the work mentioned above. Well if swapping the vanos solenoids changes nothing I would definitely check to make sure the engine is still in time.

I have the same error in N55 engine x5 35i -AM. Car has rough idle when starting and loss of power. No luck other than changing the engineForums New posts. Garage New media New comments.

bmw n55 charging pressure sensor

Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. New posts. N55 Codes List. Thread starter doublespaces Start date Nov 16, Forums Engine N JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oct 18, 8, AZ. I finally managed to convert that huge list of codes into a text format. There may be errors from the conversion, please reference the attached PDF to be sure and let me know if you find any mistakes.

To view all the columns, you'll need to download the PDF as not all have been included due to formatting purposes. P Throttle Valve Position Control Throttle Stuck Permanently Bank 1 0x Throttle valve, function: jammed briefly The diagnostic function monitors the throttle valve control signal for excessively high figures that would indicate that the throttle valve is sticking or seizing.

P Throttle Valve Position Control Throttle Stuck Temporarily Bank 1 0x Throttle valve, function: sluggish, too slow The diagnostic function monitors the difference between specified and actual throttle-valve values. If this figure remains too high for a specified period, a fault is recognized and the throttle valve is deactivated.

P11AA Throttle tight Bank 1 0x Mass air flow sensor, plausibility: Air mass compared with model too high The diagnostic function compares the calculated air mass with the measured air mass. P Manifold Absolute Pressure Too High 0xE Absolute pressure sensor, intake manifold, plausibility: Intake-manifold pressure too high During the shutdown phase the diagnosis function monitors the DME to determine whether the ambient-air, intake-manifold and boost- pressure sensors are measuring the same pressure.

PA Manifold Absolute Presssure Sensor Circuit High Bank 1 0xB Absolute pressure sensor, intake pipe, electrical: Short circuit to earth The diagnostic function monitors the intake- manifold pressure sensor's lower voltage limit.This is a used original BMW part made by Continental. Please note that the pictures are stock photos. Warranty does not cover labor costs.

Labor costs will not be reimbursed. If payment is received before 12pm Eastern Time, your part will ship out the same day. Rarely, large or difficult to package items will take a day or two longer. Local pickup at our garage in Norristown, PA zip code is always welcome. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying.

Which side does this part fit? What does the production month mean?

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When the fitment information includes a production month this means the part will only fit some of the cars within a given model year, depending on what month the car was manufactured.

Some cars begin their production earlier than September, such as the first year production for a new model. Where do I find my car's production month? The production month for your vehicle can be found on a sticker located on your front driver side door jamb. See the photo below for illustration:. Fitment information provided is for US market spec vehicles only.

Still not sure this part will fit your car? Can you help me? If you would like us to verify fitment for your particular car please send us an eBay message with the last 7 digits of your VIN number.Current symptoms: "Reduced engine power" warning message. And "check engine" MIL after quick test drive. See ISTA screen-shot pic for fault list on arrival. Performed fault clearing at that time.

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The car had a factory tune, since we don't do any tuning, we recommended the owner to find a tuner to fix these faults. And this is a "Hot Roder's" opinion.

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NO carburetors anymore. Leave it alone. Since we all kind of concur that he may have screwed-the-pooch with his Phone-app flash-tuner "dealy" thing. No idea. Probably some phone-app OBD2 program. So I don't think he was very carefully interrogated. He has high faith in my BMW diagnostic skills. There was an applicable Integration-level. I decided to dig in a little deeper and got come "charging pressure" values while the AutoLogic was still plugged in. It's definitely too much!

BMW N55 Manual

Once running for a minute the idle surges some and then the DME codes set and the input value data is. Did set a circuit fault for the sensor An error in the description path? Or is the DME that confused?? You're sure that the charge system is totally sealed, and the wastegate lever is free, and opening.

Dude, you get all the haunted ones. But, you sure do know how to POST this stuff. Zach DeLane is coming back to the site, he'll be another big help to this Group. Let's all make him feel welcomed. Going to dig in to the turbocharge control-side of things tomorrow.

Cut-off valve and waste-gate operation. Its an Oregon car from the valley.

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